>Haricot and borlotti bean salad / Salade d’haricots verts et borlottis





250 gm cookd haricot beans and borlotti beans (or broad beans) / haricots verts et borlottis (ou fèves) cuits

1 sweet onion, thinly sliced / oignon doux, coupés en tranches

1 tablespoonful sesame seeds / cuillerée graines de sesame

10 cherry tomatoes, cut in half / tomates cerises, coupées en deux

juice of half a lemon / jus de 1/2 citron

sel, poivre, huile d’olive

Mix the beans with the tomatoes and sweet onion. / Mélanger les haricots, les tomates et l’oignon.

Add lemon juice and olive oil. / Ajouter le jus de citron et l’huile d’olive.

Toast the sesame seeds in a frying pan until lightly browned.  Add the sesame seeds to the beans. / Faire dorer les graines de sesame.  Ajouter les graines de sesame.

Serve with toasted bread spread with hummus. / Servir accompagnée de croutons tartinés de hummus.

DSC07420 DSC07426

2 responses to “>Haricot and borlotti bean salad / Salade d’haricots verts et borlottis

  1. >Argh! the colours of summer, is there any recipe you write that doesn't appeal. Hungry! Wish you were nearer, I have all these early plums to find a home for. It's plum wine again I'm afraid, now don't you feel sorry for us;-)

  2. >Woodland Fay: Glad you like the recipes – I'm always afraid they are a bit vague as I'm a bit of a 'handful of this and a handful of that' cook. Would love to help you out with the plums!!

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